Softboy VS F*ckboy: Traits & Truths About Both Dating Stereotypes

Although there may be a new Sex and The City series, it is unlikely that even Carrie Bradshaw will recognize the modern dating scene.

The f*ckboy is a male adult who pretends to be a teen and alternates between love bombing, ghosting and sending unrequested d*ck photos. The worst part? The worst part?

After Dr. Alex, the fourth series of Love Island was a hit with the nation, everyone resolved to give the self-proclaimed “nice guys” a chance.

The’softboy’ is here. The’softboy’ is widely considered to be the sophisticated version of the f*ckboy, but it is harder to identify and much more difficult to eliminate. You’ve been officially warned.

What’s a soft boy?

Urban Dictionary describes the soft boy as “a fckboy but without the cocky attitude”. The soft boy is emotionally intelligent (yes, that’s a low bar) and sensitive to your feelings. He replies quickly to messages, listens to your problems, and is generally a good person. He’s like his fckboy cousin and leaves a trail of broken hearts. Many men are emotionally mature and kind. But Aesthetic Soft Boy Clothes are master manipulators. They manipulate their partner by using caring pretensions to get what they want.

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How to tell if your boy is a soft-boy

He is likely to listen to Sufjan Stevens, and he carries a LUSH bag. He will talk to you about philosophy, Netflix, and Seaspiracy. He’ll also make sure that you understand Feminism. In his case, it rarely goes beyond #FreeTheNipple.

These characteristics don’t necessarily make someone a bad person (except for the last), but they can trick you into feeling secure about their behavior. This may reveal more about us as cultural stereotypes than we are willing to admit. For example, why do we believe that men who listen to indie songs are more likely not to treat their romantic partners with respect? It can be frustrating when a person who is marketed as a nice guy behaves exactly the opposite.

Although he may believe his marketing campaign and be able to decide whether he can ‘be with anyone, he is often non-committal and irritably vague. You may feel he isn’t ‘good enough to be with you. This is your signal to leave. This is not a signal to try to show how incredible he is. We are certain he knows.

The dangers of soft boy characteristics

You must remember that soft boy behavior, such as manipulation or gaslighting your, can often be a sign of coercive control. Women’s Aid defines it as “a pattern of intimidation, degradation, isolation, and control with use or threat to physical or sexual violence.”

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