Pros and Cons Of The Most Popular Bed Frames

The hardest part of choosing the right size mattress is choosing the right bed frame. There are many factors to consider, such as the bed frame style, color, and material. It can be overwhelming.

You might also want to ask questions such as, Do I need a boxspring? Consider a headboard and footboard. Can a canopy bed be too much? What is a sleigh bed? Is it only for log cabins or can it be used in other situations?

This guide will help you navigate the many bed frames available and choose the right style for you.

We tested the most popular Ottoman beds,, as well as some newcomers for 2020. Now we are comparing the pros and cons. Find out which bed frame is best for you by reading on.

The platform bed is one of the most sought-after frames among all types of beds. You can find a variety of platform bed frames in different styles. They are sleek and low-profile. A platform bed frame is easily identifiable by its flat base. All you need to make it a comfortable and stylish space is a mattress.

Platform bed pros

  • Affordable: Platform beds frames are usually more affordable than box springs.
  • Any Mattress: Your platform bed can be used with any type of mattress. These are especially great for memory foam mattresses.
  • Small Space Friendly: The best bed frame style for small bedrooms is the platform bed frames. Why? Because they are sleek, you will have less clutter and take up less space.

Platform Bed Cons

  • Climbing in and Out: Platform bed tends to be low to ground so it can take some getting used to climbing in and out. Consider if you are a person with back or knee issues if you would like to do this every day.
  • Side-Sleepers: Platform beds tend to be more firm because they are placed directly on top of wooden slats or solid platforms. Side-sleepers might find a firm mattress uncomfortable because it can put too much pressure on their skin.

What to look for

Platform beds are designed for comfort. Choose a style or design that suits you. Many designs also include hidden interior storage, which is a bonus for those who live in small spaces.

Ideal for…

You can use small spaces like urban lofts and small apartments. These beds are also great for open floor plans. They have a clean look and feel that doesn’t add clutter.

Upholstered bed frames

Upholstered beds are the best option for luxury and comfort. These beds are bold and comfortable, and they can fit in a variety of spaces.

Pros of Upholstered Beds

  • Ultra-Comfy With a cushioned headboard and soft support, you can read or watch TV comfortably in bed.
  • Variety There are many different kinds of fabric, colors, and patterns, so it’s easy to find one that matches the rest of your bedroom.

Upholstered bed Cons

  • Maintenance: Keep your upholstered bed clean and tidy with light vacuuming. This will keep pet hair and dust at bay. An upholstered bed may not be suitable for you if you are allergic to dust.
  • Wear and tear: Fabric is less durable than metal or wood, so dents, impressions and grease spots are possible over time.

What to look for

You should ensure that the bed frames are made from sturdy hardwoods. Choose a fabric and color that can withstand a little wear, such as deep purple, navy or gray. Our guide to upholstered beds has more useful tips.

Ideal for…

Traditional and classic bedrooms, or a large master bedroom with a lot of charm.

Are you looking for a brand new bed frame?

Check out how a brand new bed will fit into your space.

Storage bed frames

The storage bed was designed to maximize storage space in your bedroom.

Storage Bed Pros

  • Storage (Duh!): Storage features are built into the bed frame. This means that you can have one unit with all your needs.
  • Strong: Storage beds made from beautiful woods have a strong and sturdy construction.

Storage Beds

  • It’s difficult to move: Storage beds are heavy because they contain so many extra pieces and parts. They can be hard to move because they are often made in one piece.
  • Less Expensive: Storage beds are equally expensive. Storage beds can be more costly than other types of bed frames.
  • Maintenance: It is difficult to maintain track rollers and hardware that are located under the bed. These can become loose or fall off over time and will need to be repaired.

What to look for

Choose a platform bed that has storage built into its base. With the platform bed’s flat surface and deep storage units, this will ensure that your mattress is supported. It also gives you a sleek, modern look.

Ideal for…

Living rooms that are modern and eclectic, especially in a bedroom apartment with limited storage. Make sure you have enough space to pull the under-bed drawers out completely. These storage beds are great for children’s bedrooms, where additional and easy storage is always appreciated.

Sleigh Bed Frame

The sleigh bed, as it sounds, is a bed that looks like a sleigh. It has a high headboard and footboard. This bed frame is a great choice for any room.

Sleigh Bed Frame Pros

  • Style With Style: Do you think sleigh beds have gone out of fashion? You might be wrong! Sleigh beds are a statement piece that will make your bedroom the center of attention. There are many styles of sleigh beds, from traditional wood designs to more modern upholstered options.

Sleigh Bed Frame Cons

  • Less Leg Room: A sleigh bed with footboard may not be the best choice for tall people.
  • Hard to Move: Sleigh beds made from solid woods are heavy and durable. While lighter than traditional sleigh beds, modern upholstered models can be difficult to move.
  • More Expensive Sleigh beds can be quite costly due to their design and construction.

What to look for

For durability, ensure that the frame of your upholstered sleigh bed is made from wood.

Ideal for…

Both grand, traditional-style rooms can be combined with modern, open bedrooms. These rooms are ideal for spaces that have distinctive interior architecture such as exposed wood beams and ornate molding.

The Headboard

A beautiful standalone headboard can be a wonderful choice for a bed that has all the style you want without the need to build a full frame.

Headboard pros:

  • Affordable: The headboard can be purchased separately, which requires less commitment and is more cost-effective. You can use a standalone headboard with any number of configurations such as a box spring or metal mattress stand. It still looks great from far away.
  • Simple to Move: Freestanding Headboards are easy to attach and remove from a bed frame.

Headboard Cons

  • One-Piece wonder: A headboard can be used as a headboard and not as a bed frame. This might not be the right option if you need something that will hold your mattress.

What to look for:

You can choose from headboards made of solid or kiln dried hardwoods or an upholstered headboard to match your design style.

Ideal for…

If you are looking for furniture upgrades from IKEA, with a smaller budget. Because they are simple, clean-lined and cozy, standalone headboards work well in guest rooms or kids rooms.

The canopy bed, also known as a 4-poster, has seen a rise in popularity with modern and more sleek designs appearing on the market. Check out our decorating tips for canopy beds if you are considering one.

Canopy bed frame pros

  • Stylish Statement It is difficult for other bed frames that can compete with the elegance and style of a canopy bedframe.
  • Cozy Vibes – Canopy Beds make any room feel instantly cozy due to their enveloping design. For extra cozy vibes, add some draped fabric!

Canopy bed frame

  • Maintenance: Dust can collect at the top so it’s important to clean it frequently.
  • Size restrictions: While many canopy beds today can be adapted to small spaces, you will still need high ceilings to allow them to work in your room.
  • It is difficult to move: Canopy beds are large and heavy and will need a lot of assembly in order to be moved into your bedroom.

What to look for

A modern canopy bed with a headboard is a great option. It can be rearranged and matched with your existing decor.

Ideal for…

Both modern and traditional bedrooms are equally welcome. These beds work best in high-ceilinged rooms with high ceilings and lots of space. However, they can also be used in master bedrooms that have lots of natural light.

The Wrought-Iron Bed Frame

A wrought iron bed is the best in terms of longevity due to its strong metal construction. They come in many styles.

Bed frames made from wrought-iron

  • Low-Maintenance They are extra durable because metal won’t rust or fade over time. Wrought iron beds require less maintenance than wood or upholstered bed frames.
  • Durable: Wrought iron beds are strong and can hold a lot. This makes them an excellent investment that will last many many years.
  • Easy to Move: They aren’t as heavy as you might imagine. They are often lighter than platform and solid wood beds.

Bed frame made of Wrought Iron

  • Limited Styles Although there are many wrought iron bed shapes available, they have a distinct look that makes it difficult to decorate if you want to make changes to your bedroom.
  • More expensive: Prices vary widely and wrought iron beds can be very costly. Their high-quality construction and perfectly welded joints are the reason for their price.

What to look for

For a more versatile option such as bright or antiqued white, you can choose wrought iron bed frames with a painted finish.

Ideal for…

Both rustic and boho spaces can be used. These beds are great for bedrooms in apartments that require a durable bed, or guest bedrooms and children’s rooms that require low maintenance.


This is the perfect piece of furniture for anyone who loves multi-functional pieces. A daybed can be described as a combination of a sofa and a bed. It is usually a twin-sized bed and can be used as a sleeping or lounging area.

Daybed Pros

  • Space conscious: This is a great choice for homes with limited space.
  • Modern: Daybeds are more fashionable than traditional beds. Daybeds have a luxurious feel that is inviting to be used for lounging.
  • Great for split-use spaces: Do you have an office? Then a daybed might be the best option. It can be used as a seating area during the day, and a bed at night.

Daybed Cons

  • Smaller Size Daybeds are usually only available in twin-sized frames.
  • Bulky: Daybeds can be bulkier than traditional twin beds. You’ll need to take this into account when planning where to put it.
  • One-person daybed: Daybeds have twin-sized mattresses so they can only accommodate one person. This is not ideal if you host multiple people at once.

What should you look for?

There are many styles and designs to choose from when choosing a daybed. You should choose one that is functional for the purpose you intend to use it. For example, a style with a three-sided headboard if you plan on using it as a sofa. If you need additional sleeping space, many daybeds can be equipped with trundle beds.

Ideal for…

You can use your bed as a sofa in small spaces such as studio apartments. These beds are great for guest bedrooms, kids rooms, basements and other places where guests need additional sleeping options.

Shelter Headboards

The headboards are tall and wrap around slightly on the sides. They look almost like a bedframe version for a wingback seat. These headboards create the illusion of a secure shelter around your bed, wrapping you in comfortable comfort.

Shelter Headboard Pros

  • Shelter Headboards are usually upholstered. It gives your space a warm and cozy feeling due to the shape.
  • Style Statement This unique design adds a fashionable flair to your bedroom.

Shelter Headboard Cons

  • Size These headboards can be difficult to move and are not suitable for small spaces.
  • Accessibility The wraparound edges can make it difficult to reach your nightstand. To make your nightstands more accessible, you’ll need to either move them slightly away from the wall or reach further for your water glass at night.
  • Maintenance: Upholstery requires extra care and cleaning.

What should you look for?

These headboards are larger than the average and taller than others. You’ll need to consider your ceiling height and your space when choosing a style. A headboard that doesn’t block your nightstands is a good choice.

Ideal for…

The master bedroom suite is where your bed should make an elegant statement. These beds are perfect for creating a cozy bedroom atmosphere.

Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame

A mid-century-inspired bed frame is the best choice if modern design is your thing! This bed frame is simple and tapered with simple forms. It’s often made from polished wood in a blonde, or acorn finish.

Mid-Century Modern Bed Pros

  • Simple design: These beds look great in a modern space. They are a great choice for small spaces because of their sleek shapes.
  • Easy-to-maintenance Simple forms without extra ornamentation make them easy to clean and maintain.
  • Versatile: Although they are mid-century in design, this bed is very adaptable and can be used in many different rooms.

Mid-Century Modern Beds

  • Not soft or cozy: Although polished wood is stunning, it lacks the soft, cozy appeal that upholstered bed frames have.
  • Style-specific These frames are very simple but they have a certain style and vibe that is more appropriate for mid-century modern and eclectic spaces.
  • Prices: Frames made from solid wood can be more costly than other materials. This style is very popular and the price tag can be higher because of its mid-century design.

What should you look for?

You want a frame that has sleek lines and tapered legs. These frames are often described as mid-century in their product descriptions. This can help you find the right style. You should look for polished wood, but not with knots. This can make the product more rustic than modern.

Ideal for…

You want to match the style of your space with a bed frame that is modern and minimalist.

Spindle bed frames

Spindle beds frames are timeless classics. These bed frames have a timeless and traditional appearance that is still very adaptable. You may be wondering what a spindle bedframe is. A spindle bed frame is a bed frame that has, you guessed it, spindles. They are arranged in rows to form a headboard and sometimes a footboard. These bed frames are usually made from wood but you might occasionally see one made out of metal.

Pros of the Spindle Bed Frame

  • Open and airy: The space between the spindles creates an airy feel.
  • Lightweight: This bed frame is often lighter than a standard solid headboard. It’s a great choice for people who like to rearrange their rooms frequently.

Cons of a Spindle Bed Frame

  • Not comfortable reading: The headboard is not made of solid wood or upholstery and therefore it is not very comfortable to lean against. If you love to read in bed, then it’s best to either pile on pillows or choose a different style.
  • Specific Style: Spindle beds frames are very particular, and don’t translate well into new spaces.

What should you look for?

There are two options for spindle beds: one can be very traditional with more ornate spindles, such as the Jenny Lind style; and another that is more minimalistic and Scandinavian-modern. Spindle beds can be found in a variety of wood finishes and many-colored options.

Ideal for…

You can choose from rustic or traditional bedrooms, or even the modern farmhouse style. This design is ideal for those who don’t read a lot in bed and where the spindles aren’t as distracting.

Bunk beds

Vertical space can be made more useful in the kids’ bedroom or cabin. A bunk bed is a space-saving feature that we love.

Bunk bed pros

  • Saves Space: Why is a bunk bed so popular? Two beds for the price of one:
  • Fun for children: It is a fact that bunk beds are a favorite of kids. Bunk beds are so much fun and exciting! It is also an ideal design solution for shared bedrooms and when you have limited space.
  • Perfect for guests or sleepovers: Bunk bed are a great option for guests and your child. A double bed on the bottom bunk provides more space and flexibility.

Bunk bed sets

  • Climbing To reach top bunks there is no way around climbing steps or ladders. This is not recommended for children under six years old.
  • It’s not easy to get into and out of a bunk bed. If you are on the bottom bunk, you will need to either climb up and down a ladder, or keep your head elevated.
  • Size Although bunk beds take up the exact same floor space as regular beds, the top bunk is larger. Make sure your ceiling height is sufficient to allow for someone who will be sitting on the top bunk.

What should you look for?

You should choose a style and construction that is simple to use for the age range it will be used. You might choose a bunk bed that has thicker ladder rails and siderails if you have smaller children. Consider whether you would like a twin-over-twin bunk bed or a full size mattress on the bottom bunk depending on what it will be used for. If your children grow out of bunking together, we recommend that you choose a style that can be used as an individual bed. Make sure the set you select is the right height for your room and fits with the overall style of the room.

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