LOL: How to Pick your Main Role

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with league of legends account or an experienced player, knowing your primary role is crucial to your success. This article will help players to understand why and how to choose a primary role.

Five Climbing Paths

The physical attributes of players have been the basis for determining roles and positions throughout the history team competition. Being tall in basketball means that you will be playing in the key looking for rebounds or blocks. The shorter players are given the opportunity to learn and specialize skills such as shooting, passing, and dribbling. American football will send larger, more bulky players to the frontlines to protect the running backs. Taller receivers are preferred to flank the sidelines.

The Greatest Samurai and Ninja Video Game of All Time

There are a few exceptions, like 6’9’’ Kevin Durant, who plays like a guard with a big man’s body ), but you will want to play traditional sports to your physical advantage.

When it comes to choosing whether you are playing Top, Jungle or Mid, ADC, Support, or Support in League of Legends (or gaming generally), your height, weight, strength, and other physical attributes don’t really matter. Factors like how you prefer to play solo or with a team, or if you like slicing and blasting your foes from afar, will determine where you can climb.

Why choose a primary role?

You can jump between roles, but there are benefits to choosing one.

  • Limit your variables
  • The factors that you face when you wait in line to play League are different from one game to the next. There are many players, champions and builds to contend with.
  • Focusing on one role will help you to limit these factors. You can also learn more about the challenges you might face and how you can overcome them.
  • Explore the nuances
  • Enhance positive consistency, and improve results

Riot encourages you play in five roles. But the most important decision is how you like to play.

The reasons to choose (or not) each role
You should play at least a few Normal games before you jump into Ranked if you are completely new to the game. Try out different things.Find out what brings joy to you when you play.

The climb is not always easy and fun. It is a long, difficult journey. It’s about finding your passion for the work – accepting that you will face adversity, but it will only make you stronger. Below are the pros and cons of each role, in alphabetical order: Top, Jungle and Mid, ADC and Support. You can skip any section.

  • Are you more comfortable working alone than with your team?
  • Are You a 1v1 combat enthusiast who loves the nuances and art of dueling?
  • Are you able to rely on your own skills and strength to put undeniable pressure upon your foes?

These are the things that appeal to you? Top Lane may be for you.

The Lone Wolf

Top is a solo lanes that is isolated from all other roles. Due to Dragon contests, it is more common for things to occur on the bottom side of matches. You may get into a fight at Rift Herald from time to time, but it’s unlikely that you will have more than one or two of these per game.

As the game progresses top laners will often become split-pushers. They are separated for most of the match, but then they can be grouped for Baron battles or end-game team fights.

Except for Teleporting to aid with Dragon or flanking bots, Tops will mainly stay on their own half of the map during the laning phase.

Other lanes won’t be as important to you
You won’t need to pay attention to the activities of others, as your primary focus will be on your own lane. This is both practical and theoretical.

Here’s how it works in terms of roles that may be assigned to you during the early games:

  • The Junglers are usually the ones to watch. You can expect at least one gank from each side. However, there might be some games where you won’t see any if action is heavily
  • influenced by Mid/Bot.
  • Sometimes the Mid laners.
  • The Bot laners are almost never seen.

You’ll eventually want to know more about the champions that you face in other roles. However, Top is a great main because you only have to deal with enemy Top laners and Junglers.

It’s like playing a fight game

While Junglers might visit, most of the time you will be fighting in a 1v1 environment during the laning phase. This may appeal to you if you like 1v1 combat with all its aspects, such as mind games, trading and zoning. Top is the longest lane, so there’s plenty of space for you to play. If you are skilled, you might be able to dominate a lane by yourself and make it your lead for the remainder of the game.

For better or worse, isolate

It can feel like you are on an island as a Top laner. This role is also the most passive in terms of map movement potential. Your First Turret is your responsibility. You shouldn’t expect to get help every time you need it. It can feel like you are playing survival games against your opponent.

Other roles will also not be able for you to affect other lanes. While top laners might occasionally wander to Mid to shove their lane, they rarely impact the bottom of the lane other than the occasional Teleport (which requires a long cooldown) that allows them to flank Dragon or assist with Dragon.

Even in games where your team is doing well, it can be difficult to feel like you are helping others. If you can dominate your opponent, the isolation can work in your favor. You can get some early kills and the enemy team will have to put resources into keeping you under control, opening up new opportunities for you and your allies.

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