List Of All Of The Best Grand Theft Auto V Game Mods

07Grand Theft Auto V was the most financially successful video game ever to release, and yet fans still went above and beyond to create more content for the game. Grand Theft Auto V was sold over 90 million copies, and generated more than $6 billion in revenue from microtransactions and game sales.

Grand Theft Auto V has its positives, but it’s important to note that there are flaws. Mods that are mostly accessible on PC can drastically change your play experience. Mods can enhance gameplay and give you a personalized experience. Mods can fix many of the game’s problems. We’re going today to rank the top 10 GTA mods.

10. 4K Satellite View Maps Bundled with Radar Mod & Zoom script

Similar to Google Earth, the 5Mods user “Designerappz” added a Grand Theft Auto V map. The mod converts the Grand Theft Auto V map into a satellite image. It was a long process to incorporate all of the features into this map. Los Santos, a fictional city, was inspired by Los Angeles and other Californian towns. The “4K Satellite View Map Bundled with Radar Mod and Zoom Script” mod is small but very useful. This is the best map mod for Grand Theft Auto V.

9. Corona Begone 1.3

The corona can be removed to make vehicles look more attractive. This mod is relatively small and can be downloaded in under a megabyte. It will greatly improve the appearance of your car. This mod doesn’t make the corona disappear. However, it does remove most of the lighting that blocks your vehicle’s view. It works with all cars in the game, and was tested by its creator. It’s no surprise that “Corona Begone”, one of the most downloaded mods, is so popular.

8. Iron Man MK85 (Endgame)

It is hard to believe the realism of the “Iron Man MK85 Endgame” mod. This Iron Man mod allows players to use Iron Man’s rockets and his attacks. Iron Man MK85 may not have all the Iron Man’s methods, but the creator did a great job adding them. You can also visit Tony Stark’s house with a separate mod. A mod such as Iron Man MK85 can open up new possibilities for hero fights. Mods allow you to play characters like the Hulk, Goku and Ultron.

7. Script Hook V + Native Trainee

This mod is not compatible with GTA Online, but it’s still one of the most popular mods. It’s worth it to choose single-player mode because of the amount of customization. Native script functions can be used with “Script Hook V + native trainer”. You can change the appearance of your character, adjust your level, add money into your bank account, as well as many other functions. It is worth downloading if you prefer single-player, or Script Hook V.

6. 2014 McLaren P1

Active rear spoiler is the coolest feature on the gcphone v3 script for FiveM ESX. The rear spoiler activates when you accelerate, elevating to a higher level. Although rear wings can be used for stopping a car flying, spoilers are often used for vanity.

McLaren P1’s scissor doors are eye-opening. This mod creator has done incredible work to bring this vehicle to GTA glory. What are you waiting to do? Get this mod now!

5. Gun Sounds Overhaul

Grand Theft Auto V was initially developed with a budget of around $265 million. Mods are a great way to improve the game’s performance and add realism. Mods are designed to enhance gameplay by changing the appearance of small details. This mod is extremely popular among Grand Theft Auto V gamers and dramatically improves the game’s immersion.

4. Open All Interiors

The game contains interiors of buildings, which are hidden from the rest. “Open All Interiors”, one of the most downloaded GTA 5 mods, has almost a million downloads. Some places allow pedestrians to walk through the interior of buildings. The Open All Interiors mod will allow you to play a much more expansive game. Once the mod is installed, you’ll have access to factories, stadiums and sheriff departments as well as buildings that are under construction. This mod opens at least sixty-five locations.

3. Source Code for 3 Skin Control

Players will want to personalize their characters to create the best experience. You can make your character look like someone else by using “Skin Control Source Code.” The mod’s detail opens up a world of possibilities if you choose to go with the second option. Despite Skin Control Source Code’s creator no longer making improvements to the mod, it remains one of the most downloaded and loved mods. It only takes 67KB so download it immediately.

2. 2015 BMW i8 (I12).

The BMW i8 plug-in hybrid is futuristic and can cost upwards of $100,000. This mod can be installed and driven in Grand Theft Auto V for those who don’t want to spend the extra money. The BMW i8 is a thrilling ride because of its first-person gameplay. The BMW i8’s sleek and radiant design is a great attraction. If you are unfamiliar with the BMW i8’s exterior appearance, make sure to research it. It is difficult to determine if the image is of a real vehicle or an in-game rendering. This is why it’s one of the most loved vehicle mods in V.

1. Crime and Police Rebalance and Enhancement

“Crime and Police Rebalance and Enhancement” modifies the police’s behavior to make the game more fun. The long list of features that Crime and Police Rebalance and Enhancement offers includes citizens who must call the police to raise their wanted level. There are faster police cars and easier police AI.

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