How You Can Choose Kingdom In Infinity Kingdoms?

Do you want to know which kingdom you should choose before you build your first city in Infinity Kingdom? This guide will help you choose the right kingdom for you.

Infinity Kingdom will require the Lords to choose one kingdom from three. Each kingdom has a perk that increases a troop type’s health by 5%, such as Spearmen troops, Cavalry troops and Shieldmen troops.

The kingdom plays a significant role in the game. You can gain bonuses, buffs and perks by joining a kingdom.

Although the perk of health that each kingdom offers isn’t very significant, it is a smart move to join one that has the strongest and most skilled players to reap the incredible perks that come with territory control.

Let’s start with the basics.

Kingdom Selection Screen

After creating a new character, or game account, the kingdom selection screen will appear. There are three kingdoms available on the screen.

  • Ydvia Kingdom
  • Vitas Kingdom
  • Ruslan Kingdom

Depending on which server beginner is using, you may see a kingdom that says Recommended.

You can choose to join a recommended kingdom, but it is entirely up to you. You will receive 200 gems and 100 VIP point for joining a recommended kingdom. This is a great reward for early boosters, especially when you consider elevating your VIP status.

We recommend that you join the recommended kingdom if you have never played Infinity Kingdom. You will receive free rewards. For more experienced players, you may choose to join a particular type of kingdom.

Ydvia Kingdom

Because it is highly recommended, Kingdom Ydvia has become known as the beginner’s kingdom. You will receive a +5% spearmen bonus when you join the Ydvia Kingdom. This bonus is great if your goal is to use spearmen immortals who specialize in spearmen troops.

The Ydvia kingdom is a combination of mystery and reason. It also has the best Norheim alchemists. Their alchemy is a deterrent to the other kingdoms and is considered the best.

Ydvia Kingdom is great for new players to Infinity Kingdom who want to take advantage the +5% bonus health for the spearmen soldiers. This kingdom is a great choice for conquering large areas by sheer numbers.

Vitas Kingdom

Vitas Kingdom is a popular kingdom because it offers bonus health points to the shieldmen troops. This kingdom offers a 5% shieldmen HP bonus. This is a great bonus for shieldmen immortals that specialize in shieldmen troops.

Vitas kingdom can be found in the most fertile areas of Norheim. The Lords believe that Saris, the sacred tree, is the symbol for the supreme law and nature. Vitas believes in respecting life, friend, family, and foe, as well as the many wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

Vitas Kingdomis ideal for experienced and novice Lords who want to try something different. Those Lords who plan to use the health bonus for shieldmen troops will also be eligible.

Ruslan Kingdom

The Ruslan kingdom is a powerful and fearsome force in Norheim, unlike Vitas and Ydvia. They are proud of their valor and strength, which showcases the Lords’ incredible combat abilities.

The Ruslan kingdom offers Lords a 5% health bonus for the horsemen upon joining. This is a benefit to cavalry immortals. Although Ruslan kingdom may not be as popular as the two other kingdoms, it’s a well-known kingdom for experienced Lords and boasts incredible power.

Ruslan kingdom is the dominant power in all of these zones. They are great for both beginners and more experienced players, but they are also a popular kingdom for Lords who have been playing for a while.

What Kingdom Should You Choose?

It all depends on the kingdom you choose. To get 200 gems and 100 VIP Points, we recommend choosing the recommended kingdom. Before you reach Castle Level 9, you can always change to another kingdom.

Follow your heart, and choose the kingdom that you will be loyal to. Once your Castle has reached Level 9, there’s no going back. Make sure you make the right choice and plan for the future as the game progresses.

Each zone has a huge kingdom city located across the map. Your alliance can capture the city and all members of the affected kingdom will receive bonuses.

The city is given to the winning kingdom. You will need to join a team with strong players like Vitas Kingdom or Ruslan Kingdom if your goal is to be the strongest and to control the city.

Ydvia Kingdomis a pretty good kingdom, although it will mostly have a lot more new Lords and beginners. It is possible to make your kingdom a powerful force in the end game by increasing its numbers and cultivating a healthy, growing community.

Conclusion of the Best Kingdom Guide for Beginners

Did you find the kingdom guide for beginners useful and informative? Let us know if you have any suggestions for the guide. We look forward to building a strong Infinity Kingdom community at House of Kingdoms.

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