Guide For Those Who Never Played Diablo 3 Game

Diablo 3 is my first recommendation when friends ask for recommendations on online games. This is a great game to play with friends who want to keep in touch over the internet. It’s easy to have real conversations without being interrupted by shot-calling.

Diablo3 has been around for eight years. However, many people have never had the pleasure of smashing demon-shaped loot piatas with friends. You may forget some of the most important questions that beginners will ask after playing a game for eight long years.

Here’s my advice for Diablo3 newbies. It includes some of the most important questions they might have that you may not be able to answer.

“Which version of the game should I buy?”

Diablo 3 is a game that was launched without Act V. There were no Necromancers. Your newbie should ensure that they purchase the full game, including all of the additional content. It’s The Eternal Collection. The description of the game will state that it includes the Reaper of Souls as well as the Rise of the Necromancer.

“What is a Seasonal Hero? Should I Play One?”

The new player will be asked immediately if they would like to create a Seasonal character or a normal one. Although the game provides a brief explanation of the seasons, if you are introducing someone with no Diablo knowledge, it is recommended that they start with a normal character. The Seasonal adventure should be saved for after you have completed the story mode. It is not a good idea to choose a Hardcore character for their first rodeo.

Newbies may have questions about Adventure Mode and Story Mode. According to my friend’s experience, the game will not allow a first-timer to select Adventure Mode. That’s a good thing. Tell them to use Adventure Mode if/when they become addicted to Diablo. This allows them to focus on faster leveling and greater challenges, rather than reading a story.

“What class should you play?”

This is where I get to the stuff that I know you are excited about.

Diablo3 has a lot of beauty. Unless you are trying to do something extremely specific or difficult, it doesn’t really matter which class you choose. Each class unlocks abilities at the same speed, and each gives players a balanced set of skills for solo and group play. My only advice to a newbie who is looking to join a group is to choose something unique.

Blizzard’s strength in game design is hero fantasy. It is a team that has an uncanny knack for capturing what is unique and most exciting about a character’s class. This should be used to guide beginners in their selection. Both the in-game descriptions and animations that show key abilities in action do a good job explaining each class.

If you don’t know which hero fantasy speaks to you, I recommend Necromancer or Demon Hunter. These are my favorite Diablo experiences. You may have your favorites and friends will be more interested in your endorsements than mine.

If they don’t like the experience after level 10, it’s possible to re-roll in another class or take a do over. They’ll quickly catch up, especially if they are in a group.

“Where should I begin?”

Blizzard has a smart policy of restricting first-time players to the first few options. However, this can cause a problem for newbies if they don’t know how difficult the game is. When starting story mode, I recommend that you start at the lowest difficulty. Diablo3 is very good at pacing new abilities. I wouldn’t recommend that a beginner risk out-leveling this timeline.

This is where you will need to use your judgment and learn about the gaming experience of the newbie. They’ll be less likely to get overwhelmed by too many details if they have experience with World of Warcraft or are familiar with RPGs. They will likely be more comfortable trusting their gut instincts about when they can handle more difficulty.

If your newbie is just getting started with gaming, encourage them to play at a low difficulty level for a while. The newbie should read the text on the screen and be able to take their time making gear and ability choices. Allow them to take their time and not stress about the challenge.

A newbie should know that they can change the difficulty level up or down without having to quit the game and re-enter the game. Any Diablo user should follow the boredom scale. If you get bored, you can increase the difficulty to make it more difficult.

As your mentor, it is important to understand that console versions may have different names for the difficulty levels than the PC versions. You need to know which platform they are on so that you don’t confuse them with the wrong nomenclature.

“Wait! What’s a set bonus/legendary jewel/Greater Rift?”

It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s available here. You have years of Diablo3 knowledge and it just bursting out whenever you speak to another player. Do not overwhelm the newbie. You should wait until your newbie has completed story mode before you start discussing late-game concepts.

It’s easy to forget how many Diablo systems are second-nature when you’re familiar with the game. Playing with a novice players is a good way to help them become familiar with the language and signals. They will be more likely to stick with the game if they have had a good experience starting out.

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