Finding The Right Audience To Your YouTube Channel

YouTube has hit 1 billion active users each month – that’s almost ⅓ of all the people on the internet and they watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views!

In reality, YouTube Marketing is not a popular investment for most businesses. Video production is more laborious and expensive than writing a blog post. It’s not possible to produce hundreds of videos per day for your YouTube channel.

But a barrier to entry can also mean a door to opportunity. YouTube is far from saturation. YouTube could be your starting point and you could do so much more than what you are doing for yourself.

It isn’t as simple as it sounds. If your videos don’t hit the right engagement metrics, they won’t move anywhere. The YouTube algorithm will suppress your future views.

An expensive mistake is a video that fails.

Before you start video production, take the time to understand and define your target audience. This is the foundation of how to find the right audience for your YouTube channel. This is the core of how you research the right audience for your YouTube channel.

  • These should be defined
  • These are important to understand.
  • These are the ones you need
  • Let me walk you through each step.

Defining Your Target Audience

Before you start to create your next YouTube video, think about your target audience.

You might want to create a YouTube channel dedicated to people who are trying to lose weight. This is too large an audience to call your video a “Youtube channel for people who want to lose weight”.”targeted audience”.

You will need to limit your audience based on their gender, age and occupation.

YouTube has removed itsKeyword toolYou can find it here.Adwords Keyword PlannerTo get an idea of the monthly search volume for different keywords, however, this is not accurate since it only shows the number searches on Google search and not YouTube search.

This is a far better option.Vidooly’s YouTube Keyword Analysis tool. It also provides a clear indication of the competition for the keyword.Register for a free trial.

You can create more targeted content if you are more specific. Lesser competition. Increased engagement. More conversions.

Weight loss is a broad term. It is aboutYouTube has 5,640,000 results. To be among the top YouTube videos for this keyword, you will need to compete against approximately 5.6 million results. Without a huge marketing strategy, you won’t be able rank for this keyword.

However, simply by looking atYouTube keyword suggestionsYou can quickly identify and target your audience by brainstorming and generating ideas.

This is what you might call “targeted audiences” groups.

The second step is to get to know these groups.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Each group will have its own priorities, goals and conditions.

The majority of women over 40 don’t want to spend too much on weight loss and just need easy tips and information to keep them in shape.

The “teenage girls” segment is the one that will spend decent amounts of money to look and feel good. This audience can be monetized beyond YouTube ads. You can recommend products and solutions to them and direct them to your website via the YouTube page.

The women with thyroid problems would look for natural ways to boost their metabolism. This segment is also highly monetizable because they already spend money on their treatment and would be willing to pay a little more for something that enhances it.

Your YouTube channel’s success depends on your ability to identify your target audience. You can create content that addresses their needs and help them achieve their goals. This will make you a loyal subscriber.

This is how to decide which content you should create for your target audience.

“Create your video content at the confluence of what your audience cares about and what your channel stands for.” [Tweet this]

Your audience’s passions, problems, and needs are what you should be focusing on.
Your channel’s mission is what it stands for.

Finding Your Target Audience


Participation and collaboration within YouTube is the golden rule.

A)Commit toCommentYou can also find us on YouTubeparticipate InTheDiscussionsYou can also use other channels

Commenting on YouTube channels they like can help you attract your target audience. You can look through the comments on the pages of competitors to see if any users are unhappy with the video or are still seeking answers. This is your chance to share your videos and offer your help.

b) Makevideo commentsRespond to the most popular videos in your niche.

cCollaborateYou can market to other YouTube channels, but not the same audience.

You can partner with YouTube channels. You can feature them on your channel or invite them to their videos.

d) YouTube Channel Optimization

YouTube Optimization basics must be taken care of.

Search Engines

Search engines can be used as demand fulfillment platforms. After having asked their problem, users can find your video and thus have a higher intent. Optimize YouTube videos for search engines to improve their ranking.

Targeting phrases that contain the following keywords can increase your chances of being found in search results.

If you post videos about current events, your videos will attract more viewers.Trending TopicsLeveraging theGoogle Search QDF algorithm (Query Deserves Freshness).. When the keyword is relevant to a current topic, it’s hot and easy for search engines to rank. If you do it correctly, this technique can drive a lot of traffic to your YouTube videos.

You might want to check out: Easiest way to find trending videos from any category or country
Other websites, groups, boards, forums, fan communities, QA sites and social media
Join fan communities, Quora, Reddit and Reddit to participate in discussions that are relevant to your target audience. You can pre-promote the videos in the discussion and pitch the members if you would like them to view a video that you are working on. If they are interested, they will watch the video and share it with their circle.

You should not spend 20% of your time making an epic video. Instead, spend 80% of your time researching your target audience before you start creating it. (Tweet this)

Final Takeaway

Demographics are another factor that can add stress to the process of identifying your target audience. While demographics such as age, gender, and location are valuable insights, they can often be too shallow to really reveal the struggles of your target audience. This is something you should be aware of.

Concentrate onWHATThey want to be better.WHATThey are motivated andWHATThey need more than thatWHOThey are.

Finding the right audience for your business is not about finding numbers and stats. It’s about understanding their motivations and finding them. Identify them, learn about them, and then target them with targeted content.


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