BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker

If you have used a Black and Decker product before, you would agree with me that they are quality manufacturers. If you ever need to get a weed whacker, there are so many available to buy but have you come across the Black and Decker LST300 Weed Whacker?

It could actually be the ideal weed whacker for you or not; there is one way to find out, reading this review.


Looking at the features of this weed whacker is one way to know if it is a good one.


This LST300 measures about 36 inches in length, quite a long piece. Even if you are not too tall, you won’t have a problem with its length because the shaft is adjustable; you can increase or decrease the length at will. It also has a pivoting handle which you can set at the best possible angle for your comfort.


This tool works well as a trimmer with its 12 inch cutting swath and a 0.065 inch line diameter. As you trim, the auto feed spool keeps you going so there will be no need to stop until you’re done.

However, with this weed whacker, you can only work with one speed. It does not feature variable speed settings so no switching between high and low. The one speed it features is quite high, cuts through weeds very fast.


The LST300 works just as good when used as an edger also, it takes just few seconds to convert it from trimmer to edger.

Less noise is generated when you work with this weed whacker which is one advantage of battery powered devices over the gas ones.


A 20 volts lithium battery comes with this trimmer and that is where it gets its power from. It features a PowerDrive Transmission that generates maximum power so the device can perform faster. The Runtime Extension Technology ensures that not much power is consumed without affecting the efficiency of the weed whacker. The battery charger is also included in the purchase package.


With just about 6 pounds of weight, the LST300 joins the list of very lightweight weed whackers. Using it won’t cause too much fatigue as it will be easy to maneuver.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • High runtime
  • Low noise


  • Just one speed


Is this product worth buying? It definitely is whether you need a trimmer, an edger or both. It is a functional tool that can take of whatever task you need a weed whacker for.

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