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To be honest, sometimes it’s harder to find the right task management software than to do the things on your list, but you can get help from Stats by Accely.


Organizing work in the “new normal” poses its own set of problems, and we need to learn new skills and change our tools to deal with them. In short, we have to be very flexible about handling tasks, teammates, and work in general.


In a recent article about the modern team organization, the Harvard Business Review gave us a clear idea of what to aim for. In fact, flexibility is the most important quality for managing work and tasks well right now.


But how do we put it into practice in our projects?


We’ve learned from managing projects and teams of different sizes that a tool for organization that works well for your team or project is one of your best allies on this path. In real life, not being flexible might feel like you are stuck because the tools you are using don’t give you enough room to change.


As a freelancer with different clients, you might need to switch from a simple self-organization tool to a flexible task management system. Or, you could be the owner of a small business that is growing, but the tool you are using doesn’t have enough features to keep up. Lastly, you might want to find better task planning solutions that give you more for your money and help you spend less.


There are a lot of tools for managing tasks, which is good news for everyone. So that you don’t get lost in a sea of choices, we went over the most important features that the best task management software must have, as well as the reviews in a logical order, so that you can pick the right one the first time.


But first, let’s go over a short list of key features that your new task planning software should have.


10 Things that the best task management software should have


  • Great Structure—Can the structure handle projects with a few tasks, a few subtasks, and a few or many team members?
  • Complete flexibility: Can you organize anything you want in the way that works best for you?
  • Task Customization: Can you change the way tasks work to fit your system? Are there templates you can use to get started?
  • Task Prioritization—When it comes to managing tasks, the most important thing is to set priorities well. Will the tool help you keep your team’s attention on the task at hand, no matter what comes up?
  • Tracking time: Will the tool help you meet the deadline and make quick progress?
  • Task Tracking: A good task tracker lets you keep an eye on who is responsible for what, how hard everyone is working, and how far along the task is.
  • Multiple Views: Can you see your tasks on a calendar, a Gantt chart, or a Kanban board?
  • Visual Appeal: Does it make it easy to organize by using pictures and other visual aids?
  • Collaboration: Does it have a set of tools that make it easier for the team to work together?
  • Excellent Customer Service—Does customer service listen to users and fix problems quickly? Can you easily get to them? Do they have tutorials and other information available.

Some of the reviewed tools are good at everything, and some are good at certain things. As you scroll down, you’ll be able to decide which one is best for you.


The best task management software to use


1. Infinity


It is the most flexible tool for managing tasks and can be changed to fit the needs of any project.

Infinity was made out of a strong desire to make the most flexible and adaptable software for managing tasks. So, whether you’re trying to organize your whole company or you’re a freelancer with multiple clients, the flexible interface of Infinity will make it easy for you to work with your team and get everything you need organized.

But what is it about Infinity that makes it so great? The endless structure and powerful customization options can help you avoid clutter at all costs. Or the fact that you get to decide what boards, folders, and items are and what your attributes are?


So, how can Infinity help you keep track of your tasks? First, make sure you have all the tools you need to organize your work and get it done quickly and easily.


What’s Important


  • Multiple Views—See your tasks from different points of view, such as Kanban, Gantt, Form, List, Calendar, and Table View.
  • Use folders and subfolders to organize your work and keep track of your files better.
  • Custom Attributes: You can make anything you want, like progress bars, checkboxes, multiple dates, and different labels (ideal for setting status, priorities, etc.).
  • Attachments and links make it easy to store important files.
  • Public boards let you share your work with users who are not logged in.
  • Assigned Tasks and Comments: To make it easy for your team to work together.
  • Notifications: Never forget to do a task again.
  • Board Overview: See what tasks you and your team are working on.
  • Zapier and Clockify integrations let you use Infinity with your favorite apps to keep track of how much time you spend on tasks and projects.
  • CSV Import: You can bring tasks and files from another app right into Infinity.
  • Activity Log: This helps you keep track of what your team is doing. It can be used on both the item and board levels.
  • Automatic backups mean you don’t have to worry about losing your data.
  • Data Recovery: If you lose it, we can help you get it back.
  • 50+ templates: Use one of the ready-made templates to get started quickly with Infinity.
  • With apps for Android and iOS, you can finish your tasks and projects even when you’re on the go.


Is there anything else you should know about infinity?


An item can be anything, so it doesn’t have to be a task all the time. You can start with an idea, a meeting, an event, or something else.

When it comes to making changes, you can do whatever you want. Infinity is different from other task management software because it lets you change your boards’ structure, attributes, and everything else. You can also filter, sort, and group data however you want.

It’s kind of like a task management tool with an open structure. Think of Infinity as a tree that can grow however your project needs it to. For example, if your tasks need 10 folders and 15 subfolders, you’ve got it.

A place where you can keep all of your data in one place. Keep your tasks, documents, contacts, images, metrics, notes, files, goals, information about your team, and a lot more close at hand.

TIP: When you think of a new task, make it a habit to add it to the backlog right away. You can worry about how to organize it later.

The best part about working in Infinity is that you don’t have to start from scratch! You can use one of the templates in our database to get things set up and start crossing things off your lists.




If you’re still not sure, the price will definitely change your mind. Instead of charging per user or per workspace, Infinity is running a deal called “Pay once, use Infinity forever,” which means “Pay once, use Infinity forever.”


The lifetime plan costs $249 and lets up to 10 people work together.


Asana is a task management program that works well for bigger teams.

Asana is software for managing tasks.

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